Monday, 29 October 2012


I’m suffering from an inflammation of the left wrist. The pain deters me from doing much baking. Even the simple action of scooping cookie dough onto the baking sheet hurt too much. I faithfully visit an acupuncturist every Sunday morning. According to 刘医师, my left hand and arm is misaligned. I don’t know how it happened – it could be due to a fall that happened years ago, or trying to carry more than I could cope during grocery shopping.  In her opinion, my blood is too fatty and I need to go on a strict diet.

I also seek second opinion from a Western doctor who decided that it simply boils down to wear and tear due to old age. He advised that it’ll be a slow recovery and aided by plenty of rest, which means less heavy usage of the affected left hand over the next few months.

Confound it! Is it human nature to want to do just the things we’re forbidden? As a child, I remember standing on tip toes to touch a freshly painted window grille just because my aunt specifically told me, “Don’t touch the wet paint!” Recently, all I can think about now is going to Taipei in March 2013 to eat all the good food, and then head to the Taipei International Baking Show - to buy specialty flours, and baking books. Hmmm … perhaps my poor wrist will recover in time! :)


emy said...

Hope your wrist recovers soon!

I would be similarly frustrated if I can't knit or crochet!

Tryphena said...

粉丝! I heard that there is a good acupuncturist in Golden Mile Complex, do you want me to get their information for you?? :-) 祝你早日康复!!

Fun said...

Thanks girls!