Sunday, 23 September 2012


It was Maki who introduced me to baking with rice flour. To encourage me to conduct my own baking experiment, she sent me a packet of rice flour all the way from Tokyo. I used some of it in an almond shortbread. 

Today I made 墨西哥包 (Mexican Bun). The Mexican is widely popular in Hong Kong and Malaysia. In some ways, the Mexican Bun resembles the Melon Pan and 菠萝包 but at the same time it’s different. The topping of the Mexican Bun is piped in a swirl starting from the centre of the bun, whereas the topping of the 菠萝包 is a flat cookie dough that is placed on top of the bread. 

The recipe called for 200 grams of bread flour. I used 150 grams of Lys Dor + 50 grams of Japanese rice flour. According to Maki, using rice flour to bake isn’t something new in Japan, and breads and cakes made with rice flour turn out softer and keep moist for longer. The bread turned out whiter than most breads.  The texture really looks finer, don't you think?


Moon said...

That's a huge Mexican Bun!

Tryphena said...

粉丝~ I want some in December!!! :P