Sunday, 6 May 2012


Some people lament, “How time flies!”  I don’t agree.  Rather, I think time sneaks around like a thief in the dark.  Each time it creeps upon us it steals moments from our youth, bits of vitality and no doubt some of our pleasures too, leaving us with memories of the past.  But I mustn't dwell because I have much to look forward to.

Today marks my three year bloggervasery.  HOOT!  When I first started Chilli Crab Kitchen I wanted nothing more than a space to  log down my baking experiments but I soon learned that I enjoy blog writing immensely.  Over the years, Chilli Crab Kitchen has become my sanctuary - to escape the stress of regular work life.  I never expected to get anything out of it but I did. 

I now have you.

This happy space of mine would be really dull without you. To you who have left a nice comment at one time or another, I’m grateful for your friendship. And to the shy reader who hasn’t made yourself known, Chilli Crab would like to say a big “Thank you".  Your quiet presence means so much.

The next three years will be even more amazing.  I promise.

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